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1 Homes Preview, Cabo

Our second stop here in Cabo, and it did not disappoint! 1 Hotel is my spirit animal. David and I jokingly made it our mission to visit all 1 Hotel locations, but it's quickly becoming a very serious goal lol. The reason why it didn't pop up in our search at first was because currently the only building is the 1 Hotel Residences, or 1 Homes Preview - a preview of how the future hotel will look. Construction on the hotel is scheduled to start soon and will be done in the next year or two. So for this reason it had a completely different vibe than Thompson Hotel. It felt more like home (which I didn't mind one bit). It was quieter, with not as many guests coming and going and we quickly got to know the staff by name.

1 Homes shares an entrance with another hotel so when you arrive to the front entrance they take you around to 1 Homes entrance in a golf cart. The kids were so happy about that, and were upset to get off.

First things first. Coffee! Right next to the lobby you have an all day cafe. This is also where we would order our breakfast.

Lots of delicious options and the ladies that worked there were so sweet. It was a first name basis everywhere in the hotel, which truly made us feel very welcomed. It's also nice when they remember your order :P

Across the cafe was the bar for an evening cocktail. I was so in love with the design, I really need to source out these barstools!

The lobby had many indoor/outdoor spaces to enjoy!

Like all 1 Hotel chains they have organic fresh fruit available daily for a nice grab and go snack.

The walk to the pool was surrounded by stone. Had a very Tuscany vibe.

There are 2 pool areas available for guests, the first is higher up near the gym. We didn't use this one since it was further from the drink + food.

Also near this pool area just off to the side is a BBQ area for grilling your own food.

This is the pool that we went to daily. It is right on the beach with a spectacular view. You can also see in the bottom right corner the grounds of the hotel that will eventually be connected.

The amount of pots and vases in every corner was unbelievable. I wanted to take them all home. They had phenomenal landscaping throughout the grounds and extended it into the hallways.

Our room was the Two Bedroom Ocean View Home - Baja Collection. The "Baja Collection" homes have upgraded, more curated furniture. It is 2999 sq ft, 2 bedrooms, 1 den, kitchen, 2 bathrooms, 1 powder room and a plunge pool. See details here

This is the front Den area. Its a nice cozy little space that can function as a third bedroom or a 2nd TV room.

There is a fully equipped kitchen that you can cook in. A great option to get some home cooked meals while on vacation, and definitely saves a bit of money too!

Beautiful large dining room.

A very spacious living room with a TV that comes with Netflix, YouTube, whatever you need.

The Primary Bedroom was very large and had incredible views. I love all the oak furniture!

These glass and wrought iron sliding doors were everything!

The bathroom was unbelievable! Plenty of storage for your clothes and I just love how open yet connected the bathroom felt.

The boys bedroom was super cute as well!

They had their own 3 piece ensuite bathroom.

The patio wraps around the whole unit, with floor-to-ceiling sliding doors all the way. It has always been a dream of mine to have those doors so that you can fully open up to connect the areas.

Behind the hanging chair is the boys room.

Our absolute favourite spot to eat breakfast.

Photos don't do it justice, but this was one of my favourite views we've had in all our travels.

Mommy's babies!

These two had the time of their lives together. So easy to travel with, and we are only getting started!

Pool time!

Incredibly thankful for all the time and memories we've had together already!

It takes about 4 minutes to get to the pool from our room.

The guys at the pool were so fun! They always made sure we were taken care of and that we were enjoying our vacation.

I truly felt like I was in Europe!

Did a lot of furniture sourcing while I was here :P

The cutest food truck I ever did see!

Everything was so delicious! 1 of each please!

Always fresh!

Mexican is definitely my top 2 favourite cuisines and have an extra 7kg to prove it >.<

& of course I only photographed the fries :P

My fancy gal kept ordering smoothies!

My 2 leeches <3

If you don't want to be on the pool loungers there is also plenty of space to sit around and order food/drinks.

David took Leoni to sleep in the shade, and of course the two other monkeys followed :P

1 Hotel is a lot closer to the marina so you get to see all sorts of boats/cruise ships coming and going.

There were also cabanas available.

Didn't even realize I captured a bird in this photo!

Thankful that all my babies are easy nappers.

This was so funny to me. Brothers <3

My favourite pool side drink!

Talk about living the life!

They give you some reuseable metal water bottles so you can refill at their 3x filter water fountain (a unique feature found in all 1 Hotels). I love this since we didn't have to buy water-bottles and go through so much plastic.

Private entrance to the beachfront villas. I just loved the look.

I learned so much about boats/yachts on this trip thanks to my husband lol. This specific boat costs 15 million.. to just maintain. Unreal! I definitely did not appreciate them and had zero concept of just how big they are haha.