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The Cape, Thompson

For those who don't know, David and I got married at the Thompson Hotel in downtown Toronto (it has since been converted to 1 Hotel). While we were planning our wedding we found out about their Cabo San Lucas location and decided we wanted to go there for our 5 year anniversary. Unfortunately due to the pandemic that wasn't an option so we stayed local instead. Fast forward 2 years later we finally visited! We were so excited and it was worth waiting for! It exceed all our expectations, even as a family of 5!

We flew in from Cancun airport after spending a couple weeks in Tulum. If you haven't seen that blog click here! Unfortunately there weren't any direct flights at the time so we had a short layover in Mexico City. Once we landed in Los Cabos we got a private shuttle to The Cape.

Obviously we have looked into this hotel multiple times prior to going, but it still had a wow factor pulling in! The clean lines, concrete with black accents set against the coastline was just spectacular. It truly had a California-meets-Baja aesthetic.

The water was absolutely breathtaking and there were surfers there daily! We later found out it is one of the best spots for more advanced surfing!

There was so much to be impressed by but the landscaping was unreal! Every detail was perfectly taken account for. It was the perfect mix of tropical and desert, I truly enjoyed my walks around the grounds.

My girl and I admiring the view while waiting for breakfast.

If you have kids ask for some colouring pages + crayons! This hotel definitely has an 'adults only' feel but they are so accommodating and happy to have kids!

Our room, which was actually part of the Residence side of the hotel came with breakfast included. This was served at "The Ledge" which is located on the main floor, where there is both indoor and outdoor seating.

Lobby section of the 'Two Bedroom Villa'.

We are lucky that our babies are still small and can sleep anywhere. We are not yet at the stage where we need to book multiple rooms just yet! If you are visiting as a couple I would highly recommend the 'Panoramic Suite with Ocean View'. The room we booked is the 'One Bedroom Villa with Ocean View'. When booking you can either search under 'rooms and suites' for the hotel side or 'villas' to book in the Residence building. Both options are fully serviced by the hotel with all the same care and attention, however the villas receive several more perks. You can find out more here.

There is a full kitchen which was lovely. David took a taxi to the grocery store which was only about 5-10 minutes away. We got a bunch of basics, some drinks and snacks. This is a luxury resort so you are paying a premium for each and every item, so having some basic snacks for picky kids is great! In the room there was also a washer and drier (not pictured) which was actually fantastic to have. While in Tulum we had to send out our clothes to have them cleaned, which was was not cheap and added up fast. Here we could do it at our leisure!

They had plated cookies upon arrival for the kids! It was so thoughtful, the boys still talk about it today.

They were so sweet and provided us with kids shampoo, toothbrushes etc. So sweet! It's all these little things that are truly appreciated and go a long way.

David went off-roading early this morning so I decided to order breakfast to the room rather than attempting to wrangle 3 kids and go to the other side of the resort for breakfast haha.

He had a fanatic time and he highly recommends it. He booked with Cactus Tours and did the MAVERICK RC/RS TURBO ADVENTURE . For an extra $70.00 he opted for the private tour where you can choose the pace. He can't wait to come back and do it again with the boys when they are of age!

As you can see below this side of the resort has a better view of the arches, and also gets the most spectacular sunset views. This is the 'Residence' side as mentioned earlier. The only downside is that it is further from the lobby, breakfast and rooftop elevators. So with three kids, it just took longer to get places but the view and larger suites make it worth it!

We spent our days by the pool. The pool manager was so thoughtful and gave us a complimentary cabana to use throughout our stay. He saw our young family with 3 babies and decided to help us :P It truly did. The kids slept fantastic in there and the shade was much appreciated.

The cabanas have fabric shades on all sides that you can open and close as you please.

The variety in the shades of blues were just stunning.

The food was delicious but I only captured fries :P I promise there was more.

Nothing better than napping in the shade.

There was another pool off to the side, which was a lot more private and quiet. We preferred the main one because it had a big shallow section for the kids to roam and play.

I love the west coast and the hazy effect it gets. Makes for some beautiful photos.

After a long day of eating, drinking, and pool fun we headed to the room to get ready for dinner.

The only time I managed to get all three in clothes and outdoor for photos! Better than nothing!

I have a feeling my baby girl is going to be borrowing all of mama's heels in no time!

Mattias, the only kiddo that will pose for me! "Sure mama, because it makes you happy".

We were nervous that the rooftop would be an adults only situation, but it wasn't. It was definitely a more chill vibe without kids haha, but we made the most of it. The kids enjoyed the attention they were getting from the staff and other guests since at the time they were about the only kids at the resort.

Mattias wanted to go and tell the DJ he loved her music. We tried to express that she was busy working but he insisted lol.

The unobstructed views from the roof at any time of day was beautiful.

There are cabanas on the beach as well.

After some rooftop snacks we would come down and stop by the beach to watch the surfers riding into the dark. It was so relaxing to watch. The waves would get quite big and the light blue hue was magical.

It was sad to leave but exciting to know that our vacation wasn't over just yet!

Since we were checking out of The Cape around Noon and checking into our next hotel later that day, we decided to charter a yacht for the afternoon! The Cape offered us many great options and helped secure us a perfect tour for the afternoon. The concierge team handled the booking for us and we were more than happy with how it all turned out. It was approx. $1500 for a private, 3 hour cruise on a very comfortable 38ft Azimut. Food and drinks were also included. Our captain Yoni and skipper Alejandro were amazing - skilled, professional and very friendly.

You can choose to go to swimming or snorkeling but we decided to just relax and enjoy the cruise, admiring the scenery. Then our captain spotted some sprays in the distance which we decided to try and catch. It was extremely rare to find whales at this time of the year, so it felt super special. Saw a mama and baby leaving the bay.

This may not be the first recommended location for families with little children but we made the best of it! We had a wonderful time and can't wait to go back. If you feel hesitant that it won't be relaxing enough there are agencies that have babysitting services available. You can book it through your hotel or look into Cabo Babysitters. We didn't get to use it but made a note for next time if needed :) DM if you have any further questions.