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Capelongue Bonnieux

After our lovely stay in Lourmarin we continued on to Capelongue Bonnieux, another Beaumier Hotels destination. It was about a 30 minute car ride from one location to the other, up and through the mountains. While in France we really wanted to experience both the small village feel but also get the Provence countryside feeling. Both resorts could not have delivered more - we still can't decide which we enjoyed more!

Capelongue acquired the property in 2020 and over the next 2 years renovated the entire resort to its current beauty.

The property is split up in 2 main areas - the lower area has the main house with 17 rooms as well as the main bar/cafe, library, restaurant La Bastide, a Michelin Star restaurant, and a pool. In the upper area you will find 19 suites, a more casual restaurant/bistro, La Bergerie, a long lap pool, and gym/spa. The entire property is surrounded by majestic cypress trees, lavender and the constant summer perfect sound of buzzing cicadas - a dream.

This little house at the entrance gate is where you are greeted to check in, with some refreshing ice cold lemon water. I love that they kept the exterior charm of the location - and just gave the interior a full chic refresh.

While they were taking our bags to the room we made our way to the cafe/bar in the main house to grab some cappuccinos. The interior couldn't be cuter!

There is a library with some of the coolest books. Beaumier Hotels is known for their love of arts and history, incorporating it in all of their locations.

Our 2 room suite: It is a 2 story apartment with 1 king bedroom, primary ensuite, a 2 twin bedroom with another 3 piece bathroom, bar/kitchenette, living room, and private terrace. Click HERE to see all the suites available.

Every room has a tote to use around the resort (20 euro if you wish to purchase at the end of your stay). I love these kinds of personal touches - adds to the aesthetic and experience of the place.

This window!

See Reel HERE.

From our room you can see the town of Bonnieux (to the right), about a 15 min walk, or alternatively grab an e-bike from the hotel to go out for dinner or just get to some groceries.

How neat is this bathroom? I love how they carried the same aesthetic everywhere throughout the resort.

The mornings fulfilled all my euro summer dreams.

Little missy requested a foot massage and fell asleep. I dont blame her!

Breakfast (included) is served at La Bastide but since we have 3 little ones they offered to bring the breakfast to us, which was very appreciated!

Pastries + coffee + freshly squeezed orange juice.. 10/10!

Calming, never-ending views from our private terrace.

The pools are not heated so keep that in mind when you plan your visit!

Bringing these floaties all the way from home was a great decision! We used them every day!

We don't have many photos that we can publicly share of Liam :P

La Bergerie has lovely outdoor seating but will also serve you snacks + drinks poolside.

The menus here are known to be more sophisticated, however there are still some simple items on the menu that we loved. For our little ones we would also grab some groceries or do some pizza take away from town (which is not common by the way). Most restaurants in France do not offer take out but if you are friendly and ask nicely they might make an exception :P

Electric bikes on hand for guest use! So smart and handy.

David didn't mind going on errands when the view was this beautiful!

Just for reference... one coke was 8 Euro so we stocked up on the basics!

& obviously pizza!

But this is what we always ordered from their menu :P David and I, and therefore the kids, really just enjoy simple foods, nothing fancy.

No bad seating at La Bastide. Such a beautiful space, I was mesmerized.

See reel HERE.

How cute is this cart?!

There is outdoor seating amongst the lavender plants and the aroma was divine.

Pool number 2 was a lot quieter and in my opinion better for kids as there were more shallow sections.

I have been asked if a wedding here would be beautiful.. a million percent yes! Can you imagine?!?! Honestly you would not even need any decoration since every inch of the resort is stunning as is. Just make sure to send me an invite! ;)

The little shallow pool is so perfect.

Bathroom/changing room right nearby is super handy.

I can't wait for our kids to see all the places they've been!

I will forever cherish these photos and memories.

Liam only wore sunglasses pretty much the entire stay :P

Living our best life!

Aunt Sue on "duty" :P

While mama gets to tan in peace!

Back to the room to get ready for the evening outing!

The roads are narrow with no lights so make sure you have enough time to go and come back in the day light. We walked because we couldn't fit the three babies on the bikes :P

Definitely got to be careful, but the views were just incredible!

We had a double stroller and 3 backs/arms to alternate through, but going into town is downhill so keep that in mind when it's time to come back.

So many photos here seem fake like a green screen.

Aunt Sue loving life in Provence

Always make restaurant reservations before you go! Without it you will likely not get a table. This was standard EVERYWHERE in Europe.

'La Terrazza di Bonnieux' restaurant had incredible views and food!

We don't have many family photos, so this will do!

Now to get ready and make our way from Bonnieux back down to the coast to St.Tropez and Nice where we'll spend a few more days before our flight out to Sardinia, Italy! (Blog post on that coming, don't worry!)

Grabbing one last cappuccino before we hit the road!

I couldn't recommend this place more! Such a wonderful stay, and truly breathtaking.

À bientôt, Provence!!

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