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The Finest Playa Mujeres

Our first vacation as a family of 3!

After welcoming our first precious child into the world it finally meant I wasn't at risk for Zika so we immediately started browsing for some tropical getaways! Being in the interior design field I always like to visit places that inspire me but we quickly saw that it was quite difficult to find resorts that are modern but also family friendly. It seemed that Mexico had the most inspiring design options and also allowed us to go as a family. We came across The Finest at Playa Mujeres, the reviews were amazing and it definitely looked gorgeous! Since I was breast feeding at the time it was important to us that it was a 5 star resort so that we felt confident in the quality of the food/drink.

The Finest has several different room styles to choose from but we decided that their swim-up suite (complete with your own private hammock) was our best bet. Our little guy could nap and we could still jump in the pool since it had direct access - BEST DECISION EVER! We also brought my parents along since a vacation was long overdue for them as well! We booked them a regular room (which is exactly the same layout as ours but without the pool access) on the 2nd floor above us and they would just come down to our suite (saved money this way!)

We like to book our flights + hotels separately so that we have more control over the flight times so we can choose how to make the most out of our days.

Look how well manicured this place was - visually satisfying from any angle!

The private beach (resort only) was a short walk from our room. We would take strolls in the morning and/or evening. Since we went in September, it wasn't as busy as usual.

Below you can see a better view of our room setup (we were the 2nd room from the left on the first floor). You can see the jacuzzi right in front, the hammock and the pool itself. That walkway in front led directly to the main pool and beach. Keep in mind the time of year you go as it will determine which room gets the most sun throughout the day.

Walking down from the main entrance to this central lounge area was jaw dropping. I love the black trim windows and palm trees in back, it just made it that much more beautiful. Oh, and that copper bar.... what a gorgeous statement piece!

Immediately outside the main lobby to the left was "The Sweet Corner". An all day bakery with fresh goods and yummy coffee! It quickly became a morning routine to stop by before heading to the buffet for breakfast.

Our room view

With so many pools around the resort we often had our pool to ourselves!

Where we spent most of our days!

I love all the crisp white stucco against all the lush botanical surroundings.

This is by the main pool.

Never a shortage of palm tree photos!

Vacations are perfect opportunities to get some family photos in!

We never felt like we were missing out on the beautiful weather because our room offered both shade for Mattias to nap while we could still go for swims in the sun.

Sometimes we ordered room service for breakfast.

Hubby's morning laps

And cool off.

Daddy's boy!

My parents came to our room to hang!

This juice bar had the BEST remedies for my digestion. Everything was organic and absolutely delicious. They had smoothies, juices, protein shakes and coconuts here! This is located near the "kids section" because they have great selections for non alcoholic drinks.

Slight obsession with palm trees!

This resort has countless amounts of photo ops.

Thankful to be able to explore with our little guy!

Love that my parents came for a portion of the stay so that David and I could go on some dinner dates. We made so many memories here as a family, and definitely plan to come back!

My honey! <3

Theres so many places to roam and explore in the resort!

But this has definitely been 'the spot' =P

Best sunset view was at this rooftop!

We were so impressed at how beautiful and well maintained this hotel was!

Thanks for having us! We will be back!

If it wasn't obvious already I highly recommend this resort whether you are going just as a couple or as a family. It truly has the best of all worlds, and I couldn't be more impressed with all this hotel has to offer at such an exceptional standard. To see availability at Finest Playa Mujeres and book your stay click here!


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