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Santorini, Greece

For our 1 year anniversary David and I decided on a romantic getaway to the island of Santorini. Since we were already in Europe visiting family the opportunity seemed too good to pass up! We flew in from Serbia and once we arrived, our luggage did not - such a bummy way to start our getaway. We left the airport and arrived at our hotel Charisma Suites where they greeted us with champaign and quickly tracked down our luggage and delivered it to us by that evening!

Charisma is located about 20km from the airport nested along the beautiful cliffs in the northern village Oia. It has the most spectacular caldera view along with a gorgeous infinity pool for guests. It is perfectly positioned to see the famous Santorini sunsets and is away from the crowds in the streets above! The boutique hotel consists of only about 8 (very spacious) rooms which truly make you feel secluded. We could't be more pleased by the warm and welcoming hosts at Charisma. They made our stay feel personal, and were willing to accommodate any request we had.

This was a trip to remember! Check out some of my favourite photos!

Charisma below with the infinity pool and the few suites above!

Looking down from the pool! A lot of excursions take off from that little port.

These are the stairs leading down to our hotel! There is a gate at the top and only guests are allowed in but right before sunset everyone crowds up at the gate and its surrounding streets to see the epic view. It truly feels like a VIP section!

Every night prior you order what you'd like for breakfast and at what time. The menu is fantastic and everything is so fresh! The following morning they set up your breakfast on your balcony. Talk about breakfast with a view...

When you're in Santorini (especially in the summer) you want to make sure that your hotel has a pool! It is very hot so this is where we spent most of the day! Can you blame us?!?

This little nook was just beside the pool where you can order drinks and snacks all day!

I highly recommend that for any exploring you head out right after breakfast. It gets very hot by noon and prior to the sunset the streets get flooded with people trying to find the perfect spot and it's nearly impossible to get through!

Another hotel I highly recommend is Cavo Tagoo. We didn't have time to stay there however we went for lunch and it was beautiful. The hotel also has an infinity pool and gorgeous views but it is definitely bigger overall than Charisma, which is not at all a bad thing, just did not feel as intimate as Charisma.

These drinks alone were like 22 EURO each but worth every sip! If you do plan on having dinner there check out their menu and make reservations just to be safe! Book reservations here: +302286028900 /

Couldn't ask for a better travel partner but most importantly life partner!

We checked out of our hotel and found a bench to wait on for our taxi! We were sad to leave Santorini but we were actually heading to the other side of Greece (Ionian Islands) to meet up with my family in Zakynthos!

*If you want to visit more than one Island in Greece I recommend you stick to the same side because there are no direct flights - you'll have to fly into Athens both ways before the final destination which really prolongs the trip*.

Thank you Charisma Suites! We will never forget you!

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