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Le Vertendre - Zoobox Experience

Eastman, QC

For our birthdays David and I like to gift each other with either a vacation or adventure, as long as it's a trip somewhere. Since our baby boy Liam was just born we didn't want to book something too out of the way. We found this awesome cabin and thought it would be perfect for around my birthday in October. We love the fall and all the cabin fever that comes with it.

During our stay we shared a few stories and photos on instagram and the amount of feedback and questions we got was mind blowing! So I definitely wanted to write about it so you all can have access to the info!

We booked a 'Zoobox' in Eastman, QC. We didn't want to book too far into the trail because you have to hike out there and not knowing the conditions with 2 babies we were wanted to play it safe. All Zooboxes are along the same general path, starting from the parking area the closest is about 0.2km and farthest around 2.5km. The main office will arrange to bring your stuff to the cabin as there are no cars allowed beyond the parking lot. However wagons are provided for firewood.

For all the couples without babies:

5 minutes away: Eastman Spa, Eastman village, Arbre Aventure (treetop adventure), The route verte (network of cycling trails) 2 km away.

15 minutes away: Golf, Mt. Orford National Park, downhill skiing, Memphrémagog Lake, wineries, horseback riding, art galleries, downtown Magog.

See our Zoobox location and area here:

You drive up to the reception centre to register where they provide you with all the info and maps you'll need. Again, if you have any big bulky items there is a driver that can drop it off at the Zoobox so by the time you hike out it will be there. I don't recommend a stroller (lesson learned) especially in the fall because there are some wet, muddy patches and steep areas that make it more difficult for you to steer through. PACK AS LIGHT AS POSSIBLE. Once we settled in, David went to the nearest grocery to get some food for the weekend. Note: They provide you with linens, firewood, & towels!

Our Zoobox was exactly what we imagined! We were blown away with the exterior and the size was relatively spacious considering other tiny homes we have been too.

Completely surrounded by nature and just below is Beaver Lake where canoes are available to rent.

Perfect birthday getaway!

Woke up with this incredible view and my favourite humans on my 26th birthday!

This off grid cabin is so neat! To maximize space the king size bed drops down from the ceiling via pulley system, counterbalanced by a concrete block on the other side. This takes this little 350sq ft Zoobox to the next level!

I live for these slow mornings!

The next amazing feature is that the bath tub is on wheels! So you can move it anywhere you'd like. Of course I moved it to the centre and opened up the sliding doors to enjoy the view as well as the sounds of nature while dad was on nap duty with the kiddos.

We ran out of wood for the fire so we took the wagon to go get some more (there are multiple huts around with free firewood)

He adores his daddy!

I love the all glass front of the cabin, makes it feel like you're enjoying the outdoors at all times! And this wooden fire was so modern and sleek and gave off some great heat.

Literally anywhere you walk was so beautiful and quiet. It really felt like we were the only ones there!

I love this sling from Potter and Pehar. It's super lightweight and so comfortable. Shop here! I got mine in "Bluffs".

Outdoor fire pit as well! Can never get enough in the fall!

It's just a coincidence but a lot of our recent vacations involve hammocks! First The Finest in Mexico, then 1 Hotel in Brooklyn and now this. I love it! Especially cozying up with my babies surrounded by incredible views. This hammock was neat because you can also bring it inside to hang!

Our spot! <3

Hot Cocoa!

Will definitely come again and explore, maybe during a different season as they all offer their own charm.

One last swing!

Definitely a birthday to remember as a family of four!

To book or get more information click here! I truly hope you get to experience this off grid cabin soon and if you have any more questions please feel free to let me know, check the FAQ or call : 1 855 383-2007 .


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