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KABIN Sutton

Road trip to Sutton, Quebec

I have a list of places that are within driving distance that I save for any time we have a few days where we can take off for a bit. KABIN Sutton, located in Sutton, Quebec was high up on my list so I was excited when we were able to sneak off for a few days.

Since the lease on my X5 is coming to an end, as well as the allowed kilometers (yikes!), we rented a RAM pickup from Enterprise. We fit all of David's snowboard gear as well as everything our 2 munchkins require in the truck bed no problem, and man are these vehicles spacious inside!

It was Liam's first road trip and thankfully he slept the majority of the way!

Arrived after 6.5 hours! There are 7 identical cabins perfect for two adults however the chairs in the living room unfold into beds and can fit two kids (or adults) as well. The cabins are 500m from Mount Sutton, a very short drive or even walking distance. This mountain occasionally gets some (light) powder days and David was thrilled to be able to get an early start since we were so close! The kids and I were able to enjoy the scenery and cabin while daddy was out snowboarding. The town is near and super cute to grab some coffee, smoothies and/or sandwiches, however the cabin has a full kitchen and everything you need to be able to cook your own meals which is what we did.

Perfect morning view

& successful first night with these monkeys!

Dropped off daddy first thing

while we roamed around town!

Back together at the cabin to warm up!

The best part was definitely coming back from outdoor adventures and soaking in the tub, even in -30 weather! Brrr.... Yes it was that cold! [Side Note: Totally recommend these cabin socks you can find here].

The snow made it so magical!

These moments with my baby boy..Us, just hanging, having good talks... My heart was full.

Catching first tracks the next morning!

Mandatory Coffee break!

And cuddle time when he gets back

Munching on some home made cookies that baba packed us!

Off we go!

I would highly recommend visiting Sutton, QC and staying at this cabin. It was spacious yet cozy, had everything you need and the location was absolutely prime for hitting the slopes. Love that we were able to join daddy and spend the few days together in this beautiful winter get away! To book a stay at KABIN Sutton Resort click here.

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