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Es Raco d'Arta, Mallorca

Mallorca is mostly known for it's beautiful beaches but as it is such a large island there are actually so many absolutely gorgeous inland locations. When we arrived to the island we decided to do a lot beach hopping and adventures for the first half and then relax at a beautiful interior resort for the second half. The resort we found is called Es Raco d'Arta located in the town of Arta, nestled into the mountains on the east side of the island. I felt like this place was deserving of a separate post because it was truly breathtaking.

Entrance to reception

See Lobby Instagram reel here.

As we are a larger family, we opted for their Two-Bedroom Villa, 'Sa Meva Casa', or 'My own house'. This couldn't have been more true as it truly felt like our own little remote Spanish cottage!

For reference, this is how far our villa is from the main building: (don't worry though, just a quick call to front desk and someone comes in a golf cart to pick you up right away!)

Prairie girl:

Inside our villa:

There are two bedrooms, each with their own ensuite bathroom, a kitchenette, breakfast/dining table, and a living room complete with fireplace.

Access to the private pool from both living room and primary bedroom.

Bedroom 1:

Entrance to Primary Bedroom + Ensuite:

Bathroom Instagram Reel here.

Primary Bedroom:


Door to primary bedroom

Being further away from the main building really gave us 100% privacy. Too peaceful!

I really felt at home here!

The door that leads to all the yummy food!

Off to Dinner. Any excuse to ride the golf cart!

The views just can't get much better.

The food is not your basic hamburger and fries, so if you have picky eaters this may be a difficult stay.

We could not have had a better time. From the moment you enter the vast grounds of Es Raco, you feel completely isolated and at peace. Nothing but the sound of a gentle breeze and summer crickets, the attention to detail in every square inch of this resort was carefully thought out. It was a designers dream being here - I felt so inspired. High on my bucket list is to be a part of a project in a small European town like this.

If you find yourself in Mallorca and want a getaway from all the activity, click here to find booking info.


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