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Enchanted Garden


Fun Fact: We bought this Stonegate Project with only my husband and realtor seeing the property! Due to the circumstances I was not able to see it in person before putting an offer in, but luckily, being in this field, I quickly visualized it's potential! Seeing the bay window in one of the rooms I immediately knew I wanted this to be Leoni's. It was my dream to have a reading nook which she now has as a little girl. Naturally I contemplated making the accent colour pink, but when I saw this rug I knew it was perfect! If you have not seen Leonis' Nursery yet, check it out! You will find a lot of the same decor and see how I was able to adapt it to give a similar feel for this new room. When you invest in timeless pieces and keep-sakes it can grow and mature with the room. This room turned out so beautifully - it is everything I wanted for her. We also included a wall of toy storage for items that just belong to her. I think it's very important for each child to have a sharing space, but also a separate spot that just belongs to them! I hope you love this room as much as I do!

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This is beautiful! Do you have a link for the rug?

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