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Playroom Reveal

I love watching their imaginations grow!

This playroom slowly evolved into the space it is today while figuring out the needs of my first boy and now two boys! It initially started as my office but that did not last long. I love how it turned out, and how useful this space is in our everyday life. It is located right next to the family room and has a door that I get to close when our little monsters trash the space. See below (library).

This room grants me a lot of free time to work, be in the kitchen, and gives me lots of mental peace that its able to contain MOST of the toys. Keeping the surrounding rooms from being overrun by toys is definitely a challenge! I am happy that our home and layout allowed us to have a designated play space that is separate from other rooms. The main goal for every playroom is to provide lots of storage, playfulness and fun. Since I wanted the theme to be a mix of adventure, travel and planet Earth I still wanted the look to be somewhat cohesive with the rest of the house.

Ball Pit: Amazon | Ball Pit Balls: White and Grey

House Bed: Gautier Studio | Mattress: Naturepedic | World Map: Gathre | Rug: H&M Home

Stay Wild Pendant: Forest & Wild | Wooden Bookshelf: Ikea | Peg Rail: | Minika | Pennant: Little Rose & Co. | Wooden Camera: Little Rose & Co. | Mesh Bag: Ikea

Monkey: Ouistitine | Giraffe: H&M Home

Storage: Ikea | Book Shelves: Ikea | Cubes: H&M Home

Basket: Pehr | Basket: Lillemor | Woodland Set: Forest & Wild | Wooden Rainbow: Forest & Wild | Lego Storage: Amazon | Rattan Basket: H&M Home | Wooden Pick-up Truck: Michaels | Geo Blocks: Gift

Pennant Flag: The Wood Cove | Weather Station: Forest & Wild | Ukuele: Amahi

Bear: Ouistitine

Motorcycle Rocker: Crate Kids

Wall decals: Urban Walls | Pegboard: Caramba | Letter Pennants: Little Rose & Co. | Wooden Shape Poster: Little Rose & Co. | Wooden Clock: Forest & Wild | Nature Play Book: Forest & Wild | Fishing Pole: Forest & Wild | Binoculars: Forest and Wild | PomPom Basket: HomeSense | Octopus: HomeSense

Linen Garland: Willow Nest Co. | Balance Board: Coco Village

Tool Bench: Crate Kids | Wooden Shelf: Minika | Wooden ABC Poster: Little Rose & Co.

Farmers Market Stand: Coco Village | Wooden Storage Box: Ikea | Wire Shelf: Ikea | Ice Cream Stand: Forest & Wild | Espresso Machine: Minimono | Coffee to go: Minimono | Coffee Mug: Jellycat

Lower Case Letters: Forest & Wild

Good Things Grow Here Sign: Little Rose & Co | Cash Register: Crate Kids

Fruit: Forest & Wild | Turnip: Forest & Wild | Lettuce: Forest & Wild | Eggs: Pottery barn Kids | Herbs: Little Rose & Co.

Special shoutout to Forest and Wild as well as Little Rose & Co. for the beautiful gifts!

Photography | Elza Photographie


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