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Leoni Colette's Nursery Reveal

My dream was always to have two boys and one girl, in that specific order! To say that we were excited when we found out the gender of baby #3 would be an understatement! Even after 2 ultra sounds we still had some doubt:P I could not believe we were going to have a little princess - my mind immediately started to design the nursery all things pretty.

At this point I had sold my glider, and this being our last (planned) baby I didn't want to invest in another one. Instead I purchased a curvy chair in vegan sheepskin (loving this trend) that I could later use in another space. This was my starting point and from here I tried to achieve a girly but still neutral space! With neutrals it's easy for a space to fall flat so I really played with textures and layers! This is why I designed the wooden wall trim detail behind the dresser. I have gotten so many questions about doing a tutorial on how we did the trim. I'd be more than happy to set up a consult with either you or your contractor, just send me an email to discuss - I feel it wouldn't be fair to my paying clients that hire me for these kinds of design ideas to freely show how to do things like this.

This room, and my daughter, is everything I could ever imagine and more! She completes our little family so perfectly!

Crib: IKEA

Linen Playmat: Basi Baby

Wallpaper: Rylee + Cru Garden Birds x Lulu Georgia

Baby Poster: The Birth Poster

Dollhouse: Le Petit Cocon


Natalie Debbas
Natalie Debbas
Sep 26, 2022


can you please share where the tree is from? The mirror? And the white box? Thanks :)


Gorgeous! Can you please share from where is the beautiful birds? and those 2 wall baskets?

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