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My Christmas Tree

Designing a less traditional neutral aesthetic tree!

I have gotten a lot of requests to share my Christmas decor however I bought the majority of my ornaments last year (when everything was still in stock). The items that are still available have a link attached to the photo, otherwise check your local stores! Not sure if low stock is due products no longer available or if COVID is playing an effect. Regardless I left the references so that you can attempt to recreate it in your home!

Step One: Pick a tree

I purchased my tree from Canadian Tire from the Canvas Collection back in 2018. I love how it has two different textures which makes it look a lot more realistic! It is pre-lit which saves the headache of wrapping lights around a 7.5ft tree every year. It is a bit pricer than the average (faux) Christmas tree but how often do you buy one? Worth the investment!

Step Two: Pick your base

Decide on what style you are trying to achieve and go from there! Take into consideration the style and tones of your surrounding rooms for a more cohesive look (modern vs. traditonal etc). I was going for a more neutral pattern with a variety of textures for a timeless look.

Tree Collar:

Garland - this garland drapes for a fuller look (see link for more details):


STEP THREE: Select your ornaments

As my starting point I like to pick an item that will set the tone and colour palette. Whether it is a ribbon, or a simple ornament in the desired colour, this will set the theme for the rest of the tree. I like to use different sized ornaments to create more depth. Then I like to go with matte white ornaments in a medium size in the open areas to make it look full but not cluttered. After this I like to "sprinkle" small ornaments around for some pop. The final ornaments are strictly decorative and minimal. Feel free to play around and rearrange it until it feels right! Remember to look at it from all angles, especially from the areas where you spend most of your time.

Have fun with it!


H&M Home:

McGee and Co:

Canadian Tire:

For the kids:


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