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Into the Blue

Even though the boys share a bunk room I wanted to separate their clothes + toys in different rooms since our home had the space. It would be easier to track and organize that way. I wanted this room to also serve the purpose of separation if one of the boys were sick, and also double as the occasional guest room. Since I went with a green theme for the bunk room (see "Two Little Monkeys" reveal HERE) I wanted to switch it up for this room. I came across this deep powder blue tone and simply fell in love, so this was the starting point. I wanted a playful but mature room. This room was the smallest bedroom, so I was forced to be strategic with the zones, creating maximum function and storage. I hope you enjoy, check out @andreagrbichome for more before + after photos.

Room to grow and play. This was the theme I wanted to accomplish. By using timeless colours and mature textures and shapes in the furniture, only the decor will need to change as my kids get older.

This was such a fun project to do, sticking with an overall blue theme! I think it perfectly suits my son and his playful nature and brings in a refreshing colour pallette. I hope you love it as much as I do!


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