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Modern Decorative Carrots DIY

Happy March 1st! That makes it OK to start Easter prep right?? :P

Here are some DIY Easter carrots with a modern twist! I love how they turned out and think it will be such a cute addition to an Easter Basket for the kiddos!



Step One: Fish the wire through the beads smallest to biggest.

Step Two: Hot Glue in between each bead and leave to dry. I also put a dab of glue in the bead holes on each end to hold the wire in place.

Step Three: Cut excess wire on each end.

Step Four: Grab a small bunch of paper grass and pinch in the middle. Tie the middle together with the clear fishing wire to hold it in place.

Step Five: Fold up and glue the two sides of paper grass together then glue directly on top of the wooden bead.

Step Six: Fluff out the grass to your satisfaction.


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