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6 Steps to an Organized Pantry

Getting your pantry organized will help you meal prep faster and easier!

Step One: Clear + Clean

Take out all the items from your pantry and place them on a table or island where it won't bother you. Get rid of anything expired or that you may no longer need. Once your pantry shelves are empty - clean them! A quick vacuum and wipe down once a year will get rid of any crumbs, spills, and drips you may have.

Step Two: Groupings + Zones

Group all your items into categories. Group like-items together and allocate them to a specific zone so they are all in one place. Now you'll quickly be able to see any duplicates, nearly-empty bags, or anything else gone stale. Once you have the groupings ready determine what container size you will require for it and in which zones they will be placed.

Step Three: Measure + Buy New Storage

Measure the length, width and depth of your shelves and the spaces (height) between them. This will help you figure out which organizers will work in your pantry and the placement of your items. Remember that you can also use the inside of cabinet doors to hang adhesive hooks or storage containers. Keeping the container brand consistent really helps with visual flow and the ability to stack. I recommend using clear bins as its easier to see if you are running low on any item. Before buying new containers get the dimensions of each container and see how it will require you to adjust your shelves!

Step Four: Transfer

Once you have your storage containers, transfer accordingly. Use green painters tape to label so you can move things around until you are satisfied. Make sure you place all items so they are visible and not hidden. To achieve this you can stack your bins, use a Lazy Susan or a tiered shelf.

Step Five: Label

Once you have all your containers filled and organized order or print your labels! Having the green painters tape will help you remember which item is in each container.

Step Six: Create A Refill Station

Store all your leftover/extras in a different location than the containers (a lower shelf, a close-by but separate cabinet, etc). When your containers are running low the refill is easy to find.


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